Tekuchi Metamorphosis for London Art Fair 2019

Tekuchi have a truly unique location in London. Our showroom in ideally placed inside the amazing Islington Business Design Center, where this week it is home to the London Art Fair.

London Art Fair

In just two days we have transformed our showroom into an art gallery to welcome visitors interested in the rhythmically meditative artwork of Catherine Pickop and to demonstrate our Augmented Reality application for art galleries.

Catherine is an independent artist from Hong Kong who has recently finished a Degree in Fine Art where she explored repetition, stillness, and rhythm. She exhibited the previous weekend at the artrooms exhibition representing over 70 artists from all over the globe. https://art-rooms.org and you can see her work on her website or visit our showroom.

Tekuchi sponsored the Hong Kong School Art School in 2018 by making an Augmented Reality mobile and tablet app (AR-T) for the graduation show of the RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art). It was truly our pleasure to assist the young aspiring artists with a platform to promote themselves.

To learn more please visit Tekuchi AR-T app

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