The process of my art making is a way to express my personal response to the world around me with a distinct technique and style. It is a profound self-communication and a visual representation of my mind. Art allows me to rebuild a long lost sensitivity and forms a path that leads to peace and stillness as well as an appreciation of the beauty of imperfection.
The sentimental longing for a peaceful mind and a constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist informs every step of my art creation process.
Repetition, stillness, and rhythm are essential elements in my work, each painting is my yearning for harmony of order and beauty. Mechanical scoring on paper invokes a strong feeling of precision in order to achieve a compositional balance. The gesture of rubbing coffee residue and natural mineral pigments on paper using my body temperature, skin and the pressure of my fingers alone to control the tonal movement in colour is for me, an intimacy between my body, mind, paper and the medium. The sound and scent, as well as the feeling, is therapeutic, meditative and liberating.
In making this art, an increasingly large body of work is being created with the same style and methodology while evolving iteratively into a variety of different compositional concepts.