Remember how to paint

See all things flourish and dance

in endless variation

And once again merge back into perfect emptiness –

Their true repose

Their true nature

Emerging, flourishing, dissolving back again

This is the eternal process of return

– Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Verse 16

“Remember how to paint” is a nine-minute performative documentation video made in my backyard. The background of the video is in a peaceful intimate space. Seasonal change is much more significant here in Melbourne compared to my home country. The changes are poetic whilst inducing a feeling of transience and weakness. Time becomes visible in the video from the wind, the petals falling, shadow and light. The little petals accumulated alongside the edges, in-between lines, and void space. I worked against the natural force, rearranging the petals into an order, to make the pattern more significant. The work explores the impermanent structure, the spatial and temporal. It deserted in a brief period. The original was restored, only a shred of faint evidence was left. There is also a memory of the act; the visual image left my mind. The process was made into a video work.

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