Round 2: Critical Annotation

Coming to the end of the first half of MFA, I have expanded my practice to several areas that I am not familiar with. The process becomes even more significant in my practice. Both material and artwork are ephemeral. While continue exploring new materialism, I began to look at broader practice of each of artist. The entry of precedents become wider; most of them are multi-disciplinary artists.

The embodiment and performativity –
When I am making, it is simultaneously creating a certain state of consciousness and building new experiences. The process gives me more pleasure than showing the outcome—documentation than becomes the only evidence that involves performance in front of the device. This leads me to research precedents, including Jason Lim, Nubuo Sekine, Igarashi Yasuaki. Even though I may not want to perform in real-time, their embodiment and performativity elements create a powerful visual and new experience for the audience.

Continue my drawing practice – Emma McNally, Shirazeh Houshiary, Anna Finalyson’s drawings and paintings were new entries to further my drawing practice and look deeper into Formalism. Emma and Shirazeh are very conscious of the surface and material but at the same time, working with the unconscious. Anna’s drawing showing process and time.

Installation and space – Installation and visualize a space has always been my weakness. My explanation of space is always an enclosed room of solitude. Installation should always encourage audiences to step into a psyche to create a very personal sensory experience. Ivy Ma and Su Mei Tse both are multi-disciplinary artists with a strong sense of installation. Ruth Rsawa, Sopheap Pich, Hiroyuki Hamada’s sculptures are also excellent references dealing with the physicality of space.

Moving forward, I would like to go more in-depth on the theoretical framework which I have been exploring, including embodiment, new materialism, and Formalism.

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