Ivy Ma

Ivy is one of my mentors to guide me through the last year of BAFA. I have attended a lot of her talks and practice. Her early works are complex and intriguing, with a powerful sense dealing with material and space. Like “Before the disappearance of rain”, she covered an enclosed room full of hairpin, glass on the floor reflecting the rest of the room, hair leaking out in the corner. The energy is intensive. Compare to her recent solo exhibition in 2018, “as time folds”, I was moved in a different way. It was a room with black and white paintings, some minimal installation accompanied by poetic texts on the wall. The physicality sense was vivid, the message was implicit and poetic.
Both of her works and guidance heavily influenced my practice, especially her sensitivity on handling materials. A lot of her work has a sense of depressive and melancholy, which may not be relevant to my practice. Her recent years’ practice is closer to what I am looking for.

before the disappearance of rain http://ivyma.net/soft_materials/diappearance_rain/index.html
as time folds

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