Su-Mei Tse’s work combines photography, installation, sculpture, video, and music. She grew up in a culturally diverse and musically rich environment. In her interview, she mentioned, “every day I see something inspired… I have no intention to invent new things but by opening up something different and given shape to intention.” It is all about how she observes the world. She has the ability and capacity to see the beauty of things and transform them into a language that resonates with most of us. I especially like one of her video work; she visualizes the melody with the Mistletoe tree’s height. It is poetic and straightforward; simultaneously, it leaves the audience lots of space for imagination.

I see art everywhere. When I was in Hong Kong, my studio was located in a densely built up and polluted industrial area. Air-conditioning units, random arrangement of alarms bells, cheaply built old-style windows, rusty aerial sticking out from the roof, paint peeled off and decay. I saw the beautiful composition of lines, grids, circles with a wash of abstract expressionism under-paint. Moving to Melbourne, I feel the seasons and weather change, see the different scenery every couple of months. It is impossible to say it clearly with language, but these everyday intuition and perception form a significant part of my art practice. The medium diversity of Su-Mei Tse’s work blended with her subjectivity and intuition is what I am looking for.

Su-Mei Tse | Mistelpartition, 2006

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