Shirazeh Houshiary

Shirazeh Houshiary - 42 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
Flare-up, 2018
Pigment, pencil, and black aquacryl on canvas and aluminum
74.8 x 106.3 inches
190 x 270 cm

Shirazeh Houshiary’s paintings are aesthetic and metaphysical. I can see the flow and energy of her artwork. How she sees her works and working process is a perfect reference for me. She mentioned she is not interested in the painting’s representational side, but only its materiality. Her paintings take time to digest and see the space and realize how we perceive the nature of reality. One of her interviews in her studio, she was working on the new set of work mixing water with pigment to create an uncontrollable start of the painting, adding on her marking following the water pattern. The way she works is poetic, very conscious of the material, but at the same time working with the unconscious. The way I think about painting has many similarities. I also see every of my own artwork is a learning process that helps me understand how I perceive the world.

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