Emma McNally

Emma McNally: Choral Fields by Meg Madden — fine print
Emma McNally, Choral Field 9, 2014 (detail), graphite on paper, 215 x 304 cm

Emma’s works are full of rhythms, circles, dots, lines intersect, make striking textures. She constructs and deconstructs in the process or making. The way she describes her process of working in the grey area is fascinating. In her interview, “I am constantly finding the space in between, between extreme where definition collapsed.” She disrupts the geometry to make it organic; constant repetition disintegrated to become a noise on paper. 

Drawing, for me, is finding the rhythm. While working with a giant white paper, the space always in flux. Accurate measurement for me is essential but the state of mind is like a river; there is no such thing as time. “The river is everywhere at the same time… and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.” Hermann Hesse Siddhartha.

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