Round 1: Critically annotate an online dossier of artists

Reviewing the preceding entry of dossier, I was heavily engaged in the artwork’s visual language, spent much time exploring Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, and non-representational art, which was the fundamental element of my practice. Beginning of the second semester, I have diversified the medium of my practice. I started to use organic, ephemeral materials, exploring different approaches to present my work, including video and site-specific installation.

During the last round of dossier entry, I started to look at artists dealing with organic natural material e.g. Janet Laurance, Anya Gallacio, Chris Drury, Herman De vries, Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy. Magnolia petal is the first natural material I worked with, referencing Anya Gallacio, I had documented the transformation process to decay, explored how I intervene in the speed of decay. The scent and visual is very pleasurable. I had rewrite a couple of dossiers from the last entry for this category.

In order to articulate the time element in my practice, I have looked up Jeremy Bakker’s work. His work investigates subjective and objective time. Going back to look at Carol Lee’s work, she uses “time” to express her emotions and memories. Jeremy’s work is very logical and easily reference back to philosophy about time-consciousness. Carol’s work left a sentimental feeling and thought about life and memory. I would say my preference for interpretation about time is closer to Carol’s.

Leonardo Drew, Anish Kapoor, and Joel Andrianomearisoa help me to understand more about sculptural work. It is just the beginning for me to learn about how to respond to space and relationship with the materials. I mostly draw to Leonardo Drew’s work; his use of material vitality is what I will explore more in the coming days.

Lee Ufan and Wolfgang Laib opened my mind to look at Eastern philosophy. Their worldview is fascinating and leads me to read more about Taoism.

Yayoi Kusama and Louis Bourgeois seem not quite close to my practice. It is still good to reference the expressivity and emotional side of the work.

It has been gratifying to do the dossier entry; analyzing them gives me a more precise direction of how I articulate my practice.

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