Chris Drury

whirlpool pattern of charred pine treesCarbon Sink
Chris Drury, 2011, beetle-killed pine logs and coal, 14 meter diameter

This semester I have revisited Chris’s work. The way he encounter with the material world give insight to our “inner nature”. From his work I can see he is connected with the nature. With minimal touch of the material to present the truth for the audience. His work is rather metaphysical and from his interview he talked about spiritual idea a lot. One of my favorite of his work is “Tidelines” the way he presents the work is like given the material a open narrative. He is a good reference artist for me to explore material-discursive practice. Remind myself try to avoid offer a meaning to the matter.

The edge is the division
What is known is always from the past.
Through knowledge the new is a reworking of the old.
The sum total of knowledge is culture.
Culture is the veil through which we describe nature.
The process of nature continues despite our analysis.
Our analysis is a part of the process of nature.
The process of nature must include the actions of man
whether or not they are destructive.
Man's description of "nature' as something separate -
between "nature and "Culture", is an illusion.
"Nature" and "culture" are the same thing.
There is no division.

Chris Drury

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