Jeremy Bakker

Jeremy Bakker Borrowed Time
Borrowed time 2013

Jeremy Bakker’s art practices using direct material and ritualized processes with slow and methodical gestures of marking and collating to investigate the concept of time. Using his body with the thumbprint on beeswax (Dwelling 2011) visualizing unstable kind of duration and fleeting moments of subjectivity experience. Jeremy’s works remind me of the reading about Husserl’s time consciousness, his three levels of time for our considerations 1. the objective time 2. subjective time 3. consciousness of internal time. I particularly like one of his work Borrowed time with pen marks on paper and half of a burnt match in the middle of the artwork. His work suggests enduring contemplation of the complicated relationship between subjective experiences of time and the objective systems of measuring time.

One of my recent work involved time element, I visualize the time of decay by using needle piercing through petals. I am not sure I will go further on the topic of time but do enjoy looking at Jeremy’s work.

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