Joel Andrianomearisoa

Icons of the present by Joël Andrianomearisoa, Sabrina Amrani
Icons of the present
Cotton rope, wood,printed textile, textiles, silk paper, metal lettering, flowers and found objects

Joël Andrianomearisoa was born in Madagascar and now mostly spends his time producing art between France and his hometown. His work always deals with the idea of duality, between light and darkness, passion and fragility, and the space between us as vital life forces. I first encounter his work in Hong Kong Art Basel; I can feel his strong emotions over the material from his home country. In his interview, he mentioned that he listens to the pulses of life with more generosity than they are given and finds a way to be present in the world, in the nude of life.
How JA’s use of the material is useful concerning my practice. Especially his emotive power of the material world through different media. When I choose a material to work with, there are always new questions arise about my place as embodied humans in the world. The strong sense of visual formations and his poetics use of space is something valuable for me to look at.

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