Wolfgang Laib

© Wolfgang Laib
Pollen from Hazelnut, 2002
5 jars of hazelnut pollen
dimensions variable

Wolfgang’s works have pure souls; he uses his art to respond to the ephemeral world. His art approaches the balance between temporal and timeless, the fragile, and the eternal. I love all his work. I can see natural and social, between human and non-human agencies, I can see his body and soul. During my own art practice, I am trying not to alternate the element of the material I have chosen, tried to respect, and understand the physical world’s narrative potentialities. I particularly like how he uses perishable materials like pollen, rice, milk, wood, and beeswax. I believe the matter I choose to work with, very often, is organic matter, is endowed with meanings, and is thick with stories. I tried to acknowledge and assemblage with my experience.

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