Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse is one of the pioneer of Post-Minimalism, she is one of the most influential artist of my art practice. From her art practice still can see the language of Minimalism from the restrained palette and basic geometric shapes to the gridded compositional structure. What interested me is her choice of medium has a feeling of darkness, still can see the order but in a slightly distorted and disordered way. Her sculptures with the snaking and coiling cord are so erotic, I can see her emotional tensions and direct touch in her work. I can say my heart is deeply moved by her work.

I always remember what she said “repetition does enlarge or increase or exaggerate an idea or purpose in a statement”. There is a feeling of absurdity throughout her work, specially the work combining the string sticking out from her circle drawings.

Untitled 1966
Image result for Eva hesse drawing
Image result for Eva hesse drawing

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