Susan Hefuna

The way Susan Hefuna describes her working procedure is very close to what I am trying to do.  I love her work is timely, poetic, addresses some of the most potent issues of our time: migration, movement and sensations of separation

Before she works on the drawing, she walks in the city and lets the body absorb the atmosphere in the city, feels the city and unfolds her experience on paper unconsciously. I like she works with different media, performance, drawing, sculpture, and photography to deepen her understanding and research. I especially like her performance work with dancers erasing the lines she drew. In the video she said “the city is green, the city has energy, the city is fantasy, the city is unexpected, the city with surprises, the city with life, the city with feelings, the city with taste, the city with dust”, she is fascinated by and aware of the movement of the people around the city. I have been trying to push my existing practice from a very personal journey to unfold the relationship with my surrounding, Susan’s work gives me an insight into how she investigates this topic.

Susan Hefuna | Mashrabiya, 2000
Susan Hefuna | Mashrabiya, 2000
Cityscape Cairo, 2000
C-print mounted behind Plexiglas
140 × 200 cm

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