Critical Annotation

My MFA projects explore how artists respond to the perceived environment with the engagement of the material and forms. Through observation from the existing space, follow and obey the material and response to it is the methodology of art practice I am trying to do in the last several weeks.

The post in the dossier I have been collected is around my conceptual framework of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and non-representational art. The process is one of the very important parts of my art practice, how my body and senses response to space and materials. In my art practice, form, material, and space play an important part. I looked at Minimalist artist like Sol Lewitt and Donal Judd which they are the pioneer of conceptual art. Eva Hesse, Agnes Martin, and Chiharu Shino and Yu-chu Kang they are all very sensitive to the materials that they are handling. Impermanence is also one of the concept I embed in my recent research, Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long using natural material and passage of time were good examples for me to explore.

Within the dossier I have created I can easily link them all up with the visual language, geometrical form, and repetitive pattern. Also can see how my practice have been influenced by Minimalism, Post-Minimalism, Formalism, New Abstract Expressionism and New Materialism. By reviewing the dossier, it is an effective tool to have an overview of the artists I have been researching and give me an insight of how I should position my own art practice.

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