Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt is one of my favorite artist, his collaboration and conversation with Eva Hesse was so deep and influential. I haven’t got chance to see his wall drawing exhibition, but only some of his drawing and three dimensional works in Tate. He played an important part of Minimalism and Conceptual art. I found his neutral geometrical shapes and structure fascinating as well as his conceptual approach to making art privileged preset rules and systems very interesting. However at the same time I also like art with a bit more personal touch and subjectivity in it that make art more human and add another layer of thought instead of making by fabricators. I don’t agree with art is purely about the idea, the craftsmanship and how material bodies, spaces and conditions all contribute to the formation of subjectivity and that’s what art should be in my personal view.

Wall Drawing #414
Drawing Series IV (A) with India ink washes (24 Drawings)

Lines in Four Directions, from the Rubber Stamp Portfolio 1976

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