Vasily Kandinsky

When I first read Kandinsky’s theory, I have to read through several times using my imagination to understand his peculiar language, where geometrical, physical, aesthetic and spiritual concepts coexist naturally. His interpretation on drawing is the development from point to a moving point to line and multiple lines interact on the “basic plane” to produce composition. His theory is fascinating. and there are a lot of the quotes in his book inspire my early drawing. “The element of time can be recognized to a far greater extent in the case of line than in that of point – extension being a temporal concept.”

I particularly love his metaphor with drawing is like dancing, which the whole body and every finger draw lines with very clear expression.

Kandinsky, Wassily, and Rebay, Hilla. Point and Line to Plane. New York: Dover Publications, 1979. Print.
Three curves meeting at a single point – drawing after a photograph of the dancer Gret Palucca by Charlotte Rudolph, 1925 Ink on tracing paper

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