Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch is one of my favorite artist. I specially like his color study from all sorts of environment and opportunity, from ice, transparent colored glass, blue sky, darkness to ceiling of Lucian Freud’s studio , most of his work are pure abstraction sumptuous studies of color and their effect in one another. I admire his art practice is based on the romantic impulse to see what other have seen and share the impression through the interpretation of his work. I can find positive energy and happiness from his work which remind me art could be created with such a pure intention.

One of my favorite work from Spencer Finch is ‘Ceiling (Above Freud’s Couch, 19 Berggasse Vienna, 2/21/95, Noon Effect)”. Finch spent a day in Sigmund Freud’s examination room in Vienna lying on the floor and he made a series of eleven elliptical pastel sketches of the spot on the ceiling at which reclining patients once gazed. From dawn to dusk he recorded the effects of the changing light on the ceiling and made a drawing study.

Finch, S., Cross, S., Rondeau, J. and Godfrey, M. (2016). Spencer Finch. Munich: Prestel Verlag.

Ceiling (Above Freud’s Couch, 19 Berggasse Vienna, 2/21/95, Noon Effect)

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