Ya-Chu Kang – The Dirt Carpet

Ya-chu Kang is a Taipei-based artist. Her artwork explores the concept of how the body and physical perception relate to materials. She is a very productive artist working with installation, sculpture, paper collage, video art and drawing. I particularly like one of her series of work – The Dirt Carpet. That was one of her cultural research projects, the work is site specific using the local dust, pigment or charcoal dust stencil on floor and invite the audience to walk around. The materials she chose from specific place already carries the cultural and original meaning, the impermanent placement of the pigment is aesthetic. 
I am interested in how perceived environment affect art making. My latest work “The Refinement” is my first site specific work, the visible material found on the studio floor is my medium, by removing the dirt and creating a reversed pattern  invites the audience to give another careful look at our dull environment. 

Dirt Carpet #4- Massive Manufacturing (Bangladesh)
Bricks, wasted brick ash
Dirt Carpet #7 (Manchester)
Charcoal, paper
This work is part of the Manchester Science Festival, Science and Industry Museum, Manchester, UK
The event was a live performance on 24 Oct, 2018

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