Rosslynd Piggott

Rosslynd Piggott – I sense you but I cannot see you

Rosslynd Piggott’s exhibition is the first exhibition I visited after arriving in Melbourne. The name of her exhibition is “I sense you but I cannot see you”, so poetic and intimate. I love her work have the surrounded idea of impermanence, the fleeting and the fugitive. 

In the last couple of years, I have been absorbed in Wabi-Sabi, a traditional Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. From Rosslynd’s work, I can see her perception of the natural world, especially from the materials she had chosen like air, glass, water, and clouds. From her work, I can see her deep emotion, sense of being and inner states. I appreciate the pure and honesty which I always remind myself when I make art. I was most impressed by the vase amount of work she created in the last few decades. Throughout the whole exhibition, I love her painting the most, particularly the work “Dividing infinity”, it is mindful, poetic and spiritual. 

Glass or water or a room with four walls of glasses of water 1986

Dividing infinity 2004-05

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