Artist’s Magazine (F+W Media) Student Award

Winning Title: Rhythm

Award: First Place

Category: Student Abstract/Experimental

Top 10 Abstract Artists to Watch in 2018

Catherine Pickop – Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Catherine Pickop has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase. Catherine Pickop is a Hong Kong based …


PROCESSING: on Reading Art

Countering the prevailing trend of contemporary art fairs, which tends to place emphasis on the signature artworks or the artistic outcomes rather than the conceptual development and the making process behind, this exhibition is designed to open up another way for perceiving contemporary art.

From conception to realization, the making of contemporary art involves substantial researches, in-depth analysis of materials, and countless experiments with the visual presentation throughout the process.  The beholders may miss out the essentials if they can only get access to the artistic outcomes at the end.

In this exhibition, a group of emerging artists from the Hong Kong Art School are invited to showcase their artworks together with a “book” that documents their creative process.   The work and the book form a unit of exhibit, they complement with each other, allowing the beholders to peek through the creative initiatives and understand related development.

The exhibition invites you to “read” contemporary art in a new mode!

Opening Reception:    9 March_7pm

Exhibition Period: 

10 – 29 March 2018, 11am – 8pm (closed on Sundays)

30 March 2018, 11am – 7pm

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